In an attempt to get myself into a regular habit of Bible study, I have been thinking of ways that would keep me going more than just a day or two.

Since I do enjoy blogging and computers and technology and all of that, I thought that if I took my church’s recommended Bible Reading Schedule for the year and blogged on whatever is scheduled for that day, I would be more likely to keep it up, or at least have an easy way of getting back on.

I got the idea from a similar blog on (not the place I would necessarily expect to see such a thing, but hey… a good idea is a good idea).

If any of you choose to follow along with me, the Northside Church of Christ Bible Reading Schedule for 2007 can be found at:

I will link the title of the post to the appropriate reading at so that you can read it for yourself and so that I don’t have to copy/paste it into my own page.

I urge you to bug me if you see it’s been a while since my last post. If I do fall away for a while or miss a day or two, I will NOT attempt to “get caught up” I will simply start back where I would have been had I not missed any.

Thanks, and enjoy!

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