Ryan Corcoran was born and raised in Kansas, USA. Having parents of differing faiths, Ryan was left to discover God for himself. He attended a Presbyterian church with his friends in Middle School and early High School, but found that they were not able to sufficiently address his questions about the Bible. He then began an almost 10-year soul search to find his faith and the truth. Ryan studied Judaism, Islam, Buddhism, and Taoism in addition to continuing to read the Bible.

Ryan met his future wife, Samantha in the Fall of 2000. Samantha grew up attending the church of Christ, which Ryan admittedly had never actually heard of until he met her. She began teaching Ryan the Bible from a holistic point of view (big picture first, then down to the small details) and inviting him to attend church with her at Northside church of Christ in Wichita. After 3 years of studying (and arguing) with his then-fiancée, Samantha, he was baptized into Christ in June of 2003 at the age of 25.

Ryan has continued to study and become an active member in the church, doing graphic design and website design for the congregation. He and Samantha also traveled to Hitachi, Japan in the Summer of 2006 for a two-week Mission project through Let’s Start Talking (LST). Samantha teaches Bible class and a singing class regularly.

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